Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve morning

We had our Christmas Eve morning family celebration this year, and it's one of our favorite days of the year! We got to share our gifts with each other and have some sweet family time!

Everyone tried to guess what Emily's super secret gift was this year!

This little man loves soccer and can't wait to start up lessons again in January!

Abby got a great box of writing tools to spark her ideas for stories, and LOVED her baby name book that she's been wanting! She was pretty excited that her name could get her into Harvard someday since that's where she REALLY wants to go! We can't wait to read all the novels she writes...

Emily loved all of her socks and her cool t-shirts this year!

Abby was SO excited to get some Keeper of the Lost Cities clothes!

And the Vans were a hit too!

Emily was super excited to get dad and her matching shirts for Superbowl Sunday! (Can you tell we're not really a "sporty" family?)

Ben LOVED his weighted blanket!

Not every gift was an immediate favorite... Emily really didn't want a FitBit, but Mom made her get one so she would get her texts. It turns out that she really does like it though!

Ben LOVED his "Foxes of the World" shirt from Mor-Mor!

The most anticipated and liked gift was, and always is, the kids placemats for the year!

Ben loved his remote control car you drive on the walls and his art center!

After opening gifts, we enjoyed an awesome "pan-out" breakfast outside with neighbors on the 
 60 degree morning!

Merry Christmas Eve from our baby in the basket!

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