Thursday, December 8, 2016

December is here… bring on the Christmas season!

December 1st arrived, and Pinocchio returned, bringing with him a fun mission to get us all into the Christmas spirit this year! In order for him to move each night, we have to choose something from the kindness jar and make sure we are thinking of others this holiday season! So far we’ve cleaned the playroom, written Christmas messages on everyone’s driveways in chalk, done favors for neighbors, made cards for people, paid people special compliments, given money to the Salvation Army, and done extra chores for Mommy already! We love spreading the Christmas cheer here!




We also celebrated the start of the season with a belated birthday present for Daddy! We took him to the Durham Performing Arts Center to see  the “Grinch, The Musical”! What a fun night we had together!








Ben is the boy with many questions these days, and sitting next to Mommy during the play proved it! He had never been to a play with “real humans” before! Check out his list of questions that night, and you can actually follow along pretty well if you know the story of the Grinch…

Do I have to go on that stage?
Is he going to come off that stage?
Where are Kinsey and Lexi?
Are those all humans?
Why does he have crazy hands?
Does the Grinch see us up here?
Are those real houses? How do they open the door?
Is that a real Xmas tree?
Are those real lights?
Is the Grinch on the Naughty list?
Can he hear us clapping?
Is that real snow?
Where's the Grinch? Is he still in his sleigh?
Why are the kids fast asleep?
Is the outside dark?
Is that a real toy? Why did he break a real toy?
Why is he taking all their presents?
Does he want to open the presents?
Is the doggie a good catcher?
Where is Kinsey and Lexi?
Is he really going to bring the tree back when he fixes it?
Why is she sad?
What happens if you throw your book on the stage? Will the Grinch grab it?
Did she scare him?
Why does he have those hands?
Is that a real chimney?
Why is he stealing all that stuff?
Why doesn't he like Christmas?
Why doesn't he like to celebrate Jesus birthday party?
In the morning can I watch this again?
Where are Kinsey and Lexi?
Can we go home?
Why is she at his house singing? Is she a real human?
Does the Grinch know he's the Grinch?
Does the Grinch like eating?
Why does he have a big heart?
Does he like them now?
Does he like Christmas now?
Is he leaving the show and going in his car?
How can he get off the stage?
That's a lot of snow!
Where's the Grinch? Is he delivering the presents?
Are they still scared of him?
Where are Kinsey and Lexi?
Why does he not want to say Christmas?
Why is he bringing the presents back?
Wait! That's all the the presents? He's done?
Are they going to take their costumes off now?

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