Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 2 with our growing birds…

It’s amazing the difference a week makes in the life of a growing Robin… Look at how tiny they were last week…


…and how much they’ve grown!


This week has brought a lot of storms, and Mommy has been so worried about them, but the Mother bird has done a wonderful job keeping her babies safe…



Each time the rain stopped, the mom would go find more food… they have to eat 3-4 times every HOUR!




We also learned another interesting but gross bird fact today… the video was good timing on Mommy’s part!:


“Baby robins remain in their nest for about 13 days. Just about every time the nestlings gulp down some food, they poop. Let's see—that's 13 days x 4 babies x 356 insects and worms on average each day. That's a LOT of poop! How on earth do robins keep their nest clean?

Baby robins can't wear diapers of any kind, but they do put their poop in a strong "bag" so the parents can carry it away. This bag is made of thick, strong mucus that a parent robin can pick up in its sharp beak and carry without puncturing, and is called a fecal sac. Fecal sacs are just like disposable diapers for birds!

Within seconds of feeding, baby robins back up and poop. This ensures that whichever parent brought the food will still be there to carry away the fecal sac.”


Here’s a video of our birds “in action”… (Mommy’s having trouble getting it up on the blog, so you can follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwPiW-a-YnM

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