Friday, September 12, 2014

Growing up…

Maybe it’s because I moved to a big boy bed last month, or that I just turned “free” years old, or maybe even because I started school this week, but Mommy is THRILLED that I have FINALLY decided it was time to try using the big boy potty! I haven’t worn a diaper ALL morning, I haven’t had a single accident, AND I’ve gone on the potty EIGHT times! It’s like a party in our house every half an hour! Mommy gets all excited, claps her hands, gives me hugs and kisses, and then I GET CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!!! Mommy is really hoping I keep on going with it!



Mommy says the key to potty training is to stay at home, wear no pants, put the potty in the dining room so I can watch “Thomas” and “Dinosaur Train”, and then drink A LOT of water!



…and of course get A LOT of praise and rewards!





I’m a big boy now!

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