The day is finally here!

I’ve been waiting for this day for what feels like FOREVER! Since I was 3 or 4, I’ve been asking Mommy and Daddy when I can get my ears pierced, and they finally caved! Mommy made an appointment at my pediatrician so we could be sure that it would be done right, and today was the day! Mommy had to get a few last shots of me before I got holes in my ears… FOREVER!




First, they put some numbing cream on my ears so I wouldn’t feel too much, and we had to go wait for 25 minutes…


It hurt more when he took the band aids off my ears than the actual piercing did!


When I saw the gun, I was a little bit nervous, but I was ready to do this…



Lining up for the shot…


It didn’t hurt… I was just nervous!


They are such beautiful little pink flowers!


The doctor showed me them with his mirror, and I LOVE them!



Checking them out at home! Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me get them pierced! I feel so grown-up now!


Here’s a video for those who want to watch it (Remember that it didn’t actually hurtSmile)

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