Monday, June 17, 2013

Kindergarten graduation

Today was a big day here! I had my Kindergarten graduation program at school, and Mommy & Daddy got to come and see me! We sang lots of songs for them, had an ice cream party, and our teacher showed a special slideshow of pictures through the year to our parents to show them how far we’ve come! There was hardly a dry eye in the room! I have loved every day I spent in school this year, and can’t wait to start 1st grade in the fall!




My friend Emily and I had our picture taken on the first day of school and the last!!!


We sang some pretty silly songs for the parents…

IMG_8494 IMG_8504

IMG_8507 IMG_8521





IMG_8548 IMG_8549



I LOVED my teacher, Miss Gilroy!!! I am really going to miss her! Thank you for an awesome year!


We each made our Moms and Dads a special book of our very own handprint art from each month we were in school!


Scan_0004 Scan_0005

Scan_0006 Scan_0007

Scan_0008 Scan_0009

Scan_0010 Scan_0011

Scan_0012 Scan_0013

The slideshow my teacher showed in class was of a lot of kids my family doesn’t know, so my Mom made her own of just me! Get the tissues ready!!!!

You can check out the video that Daddy took of our awesome, silly performance today!

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