Saturday, April 6, 2013

Me & My Guy Dance

I went to my very first Daddy-Daughter dance tonight with the rest of the girls from my Girl Scout troop, and I had some mixed emotions… I was very excited to get dressed up (Mommy even let me put a little of her lipstick and perfume on), and even picked out Daddy’s outfit for him! I was even very excited to get to the dance, and had a great time for the first 15 minutes. Then I realized it wasn’t all that exciting, and some girls were not being that nice to me, so I begged Daddy to leave early. He made me stick it out a little longer, and try to work it out, but when he said it was okay to go, I was out the door! We continued our date together at Friendly’s, which was the best part of the night! A day later, I’m already over it, and am looking forward to going again next year!




easterdaddaughterdance 054

easterdaddaughterdance 061 (2)

Luckily, this video was taken in the first 15 minutes of the dance, when I was having a blast with my friends!

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