Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sesame Place Halloween Spooktacular!

We spent a family day together today heading down to Sesame Place to do a little early trick-or-treating at their Spooktacular celebration! We thought it would be a great idea on such a beautifully warm fall day, but unfortunately, so did a million and one other families… It was CRAZY there!!!! Abby & Daddy were the only ones to make it on a ride this time, but we all had fun dressing up in our costumes and getting a few treats anyways! This year our whole family dressed up as part of Alice and Wonderland! Emily is Alice, Abby is the Queen of Hearts, Ben is the white rabbit, Daddy is the Mad Hatter, and Mommy is the Cheshire Cat. We sure turned a few heads there, and EVERYONE loved our costumes! We can’t wait for Halloween now!

IMG_1676 Fuse







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