Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One more time…

After I had my hypospadias repair surgery in May, I developed the one complication that happens in about 10% of cases… a fistula. One way to describe it, is that I “sprung a leak” as the doctor said, and I’ve been peeing out of TWO holes now instead of the new, correct one he made for me. SO, I had to go back in for more surgery today to repair the fistula, and Mommy & Daddy said they never want to see the inside of a hospital with their kids again! I did so great this time around, and even though I woke up a bit cranky and am now a bit sore, it wasn’t really a bad day!


I wish they knew how to make these hospital gowns a bit more modest….


I was loving getting to watch cartoons with my Daddy on my own personal TV!


The worst part of the whole day was having to wear that awful name bracelet on my ankle… I kept trying to get it off, and even managed to do so a few times!


Mommy brought my cups for me to play with, and I’m so glad she did, because I had SO much fun dropping them out of the crib for Daddy to catch! This helped pass a good half an hour of time that we had to wait.


Unfortunately, they couldn’t distract me enough from trying to get that bracelet off!


IMG_1822 IMG_1826

IMG_1833 IMG_1835


I even got to lay in the big kids bed and watch TV with Mommy & Daddy before heading down to surgery!


I was pretty cranky when I woke up in recovery until they let my Mommy hold me, and then I passed out for quite a while!


When I woke up, I drank a whole cup of water, had two servings of applesauce & ate a bunch of Cheerios in under 5 minutes! The nurse decided I was well enough to get my IV out and go home! I recovered much quicker this time than I did last time!



I’m so glad this is all over, and I hope I NEVER have to go through it again! Thank you to everyone for all of the prayers & support! I love you!


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