Monday, June 18, 2012

My first trip to the dentist!

Mommy took me for my very first dentist appointment today! I was a little nervous about it, but I did great! AND I have NO cavities!!!! Woohoo!


They let me check out all of the equipment first so I wouldn’t be too nervous…



… it didn’t really help, because I was a little nervous anyway!





BUT… I opened my mouth wide and was VERY brave for my first check up! And guess what??? I already have TWENTY teeth!






I even liked showing Dr. K my teeth when they were all sparkly white!



The best part of the whole trip was picking out a brand new princess toothbrush! I think I could do this one every six months!



Here is a link to my sister's first trip to the dentist too!:


Ann-Marie said...

What a great hygienist you have to walk her through this procedure. I only hope our dentist/hygienists will do such a good job when that day comes. You captured it all beautifully, too, Karin.

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