Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation Day… For Real!

Let’s try this one more time! Today I finally graduated from my second helmet, and my plagiocephaly journey is officially over! After a total of 14 1/2 weeks in two different helmets and a pretty stinky and sweaty head, I am helmet free! My new round head feels GREAT, that it took me almost NO time to get used to sleeping without my helmet this time! Mommy had a fun graduation day planned for me, and as always, it started with some pictures!!!!


Here are links to my other plagiocephaly posts if you want to look back on my journey!

Original entry:

His “first graduation”:

After getting his second helmet:



I’m going to miss my cool Lightening McQueen helmet!


This is my second and FINAL diploma from Cranial Technologies:

Scan1 (2)

I had to have one final set of images taken, so I had to wear that crazy net over my head again… but I kept on smiling!


Look at how much my head has changed since my first pictures taken in December! My torticollis is gone, so my head doesn’t lean to the right anymore, my whole head has rounded out, and my forehead “bump” is almost completely gone (you can see that in the last pictures the best)!




Mommy loved my Cranial Technologies therapist, Sue, so much, and we’re going miss seeing her each week! She was so gentle and kind, and helped us through every step of this long process. Even my big sister Abby loved her so much that she wanted to make a special thank you card for her today!


Thank you Miss Sue!


After my graduation appointment, my whole family headed over to the “Build-a-bear” factory to make two special animals for my old helmets to hang out on. My sisters loved making them for me, and they turned out so cute!


They got to pick out which animals they wanted to make, and Abby picked a floppy dog while Emily chose a fuzzy bear (well, she wanted Hello Kitty, but mommy said I might not like that one). Thanks mommy…


They helped push the button to stuff the animals full of “fluff”, and they picked out special hearts to put inside before they were sewn up!


IMG_6087 IMG_6089


Next, the animals got a “bath”, we picked out special clothes, and the girls got them dressed!





Abby picked doctor scrubs for her “Helmet Doctor” Dog, who she named “Patches”, and Emily named her bear “Happy” and picked out cool Lightening McQueen pajamas (after mommy said no to the Rapunzel dress… Thanks again mom)!IMG_6112

They turned out GREAT, and will be perfect for my old helmets!




Thanks everyone for all of the prayers and best wishes throughout this journey!


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Kelly said...

Hi there! I just found you through the DOC Band Facebook page.. Love your blog! You did a great job documenting Ben's journey :) Congrats to him and to you as well!

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