Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer is here!

We are SO excited that the weather has been so warm lately! Daddy even decided it was time to set up the pool for the season! He is building us a cool new “deck” to climb in and jump off of, and he even put little rocks around the pool so we didn’t get the pool full of dirt and grass. They are really cool, except that Emily still likes to throw rocks into the water, which is a little bit of a problem right now… Even though the water was quite chilly today, we just couldn’t wait to test it out for the first time this year! Abby loved every minute of it, and while Emily was pretty excited to go in, her smiles VERY quickly turned to tears when she realized how cold it was!

-Abby & Emily

IMG_5494 IMG_5472

IMG_5496 IMG_5501

IMG_5497 IMG_5478

Emily decided to persevere and try it one more time, and I think she actually liked it!

IMG_5515 IMG_5516


We think Ben might even enjoy it this year too!




Ben’s favorite part of the warm weather so far is that he LOVES hanging out on his porch swing!



He smiles so big, that you can even see his two little teeth!


We hope you’re enjoying some beautiful weather by you today too!

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