Monday, May 7, 2012

9 months old!

I turned 9 months old on Saturday, and I am doing great! I am healing well after my recent surgery, and am back to practicing my sitting skills… it must be the helmet that’s throwing off my balance- or the fact that mommy never wants me to grow up! Either way, I’m happy wherever I am, and I’m going to be sitting, standing, crawling & walking in NO TIME!

I am STILL the happiest little man that anyone has ever met, and I just LOVE life! Books are my favorite toy right now, and my sisters are the BEST playmates (although I like that kid I found in the mirror the other day too…). I’ve gotten two little teeth, and am the best eater my mommy & daddy have ever seen!

Check back for all  the updates on the new stuff I’m learning… There’s going to be A LOT of new things going on soon!



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