Sunday, January 29, 2012

I really like this thing!

After wearing my helmet now for three weeks, I have come to like this thing! In fact, for anyone who was concerned about how well I sleep in it at night, let me calm those fears right now… Last night before my bath, mommy took off my helmet and noticed a few red pressure points on my forehead. She was instructed to leave it off for an hour until any areas were no longer red, so after an hour with no redness fading, she decided to let me sleep with it off for the night and check me in the morning. While I fell asleep just fine, I had a HORRIBLE night sleep, waking mommy up over FIVE times (I haven’t done that since I was three weeks old)! At first mommy thought it was because I have a bad cold, or maybe because I’d started my 6 month growth spurt and just wanted an extra snack. After a lot of crying, and trying everything, mommy did the only thing left to do. She put my helmet back on, and put me back to bed. And do you know what????… I slept GREAT the rest of the night and woke up one happy little man!



Mommy hopes that when I finally have to give up my helmet, I’ll figure out how to sleep without it. But for now, it’s a pretty awesome thing!


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