Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today was an awesome day! I finally turned TWO!!! I’ve turned into such a “big” little girl, and am having a blast with myself these days! I’m talking up a storm (finally!), LOVE reading books, I’m a little daredevil, and love climbing on the furniture, I love to cuddle and hug my mommy & daddy, and my best friend is my bigger sister Abby! We could play princesses and dance together all day long! We had a fun day celebrating my birthday and getting ready for my big Toy Story family birthday party!



Mommy got me a special donut with pink frosting and sprinkles for my birthday breakfast, and I was so excited to eat it, that I couldn’t even wait to blow the candle out first! Mommy almost had a heart attack…



I had a blast helping mommy & Abby make my Toy Story cupcakes , and LOVED trying on all the cowboy hats for my party!



Daddy took us all out to Fuddruckers's for my birthday dinner, where I got to go on my favorite merry-go-round… of course!


When we got home, I got to open all my presents (with a little help from my big sis)… Thank you everyone! I LOVED it all!




Mor-Mor got me the cutest Toy Story boots to go with my birthday outfit!



My favorite gift of the day was my very own Toy Story Jessie doll… we’re going to be great friends!


Thank you everyone for making my birthday a special one! Stay tuned for pictures of my Toy Story birthday party!

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