Saturday, April 9, 2011

Emily’s Toy Story Birthday Party!

Today’s the day! We FINALLY got to have my Toy Story birthday party! We had so much fun dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls (I got to be Jessie from the movie), playing Toy Story games, coloring HUGE Toy Story pictures and even eating a fully themed Toy Story meal! I’m not sure who had more fun… me, or mommy as she was planning it all! Thanks for an awesome day everyone… I had a blast!




Mommy and her cowgirls (and baby cowboy on the way…)!




Everyone got their own special hat and red bandana when they got to the party!


Mommy had a lot of fun planning out the menu, and we had fun helping her bake and decorate for the big event!



We made Woody’s Sheriff Badge cookies, and Jessie’s Red Cowgirl Hat cookies…



I am a candle blowing EXPERT!



What a fun day! Thanks for coming everyone!

IMG_6096 copy

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