Monday, February 7, 2011

Our family is growing!

We are SO excited to announce that we will be having a new baby in our family this August! Mommy is 3 months pregnant, and is finally starting to feel a little bit better these days (and her belly seems to be growing by the minute)! We already love this little one and can’t wait to have a new little baby in the house… We are going to make great little mommies! The best part is that we will get to share a room and have “BUMP BEDS”!!!!

-Abby & Emily

Snapshot 4 (1-28-2011 12-02 PM) (2)

Snapshot 7 (1-28-2011 12-09 PM) (2)

Snapshot 2 (1-28-2011 11-52 AM) (2)

Here is a video of the girls finding out about the new baby, and a quick ultrasound video at the end:

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