Sunday, June 13, 2010

One more time...

We went back to Sesame Place again this weekend one more time JUST for Uncle Kevin... and guess what he did????? He was SO brave and went on the super scary "Super Grover" roller coaster with me! He doesn't like them very much, but he came through in the end, and did it for me! Thanks for being so brave Uncle Kevin, and for making some wonderful memories! I had a blast with you, and I think you're a pretty cool guy!


It was a warm day again, and we all got to have a splashing good time in the pools and on the waterslides. MOMMY even went on them this time! This place ROCKS!

Next amusement park stop is DISNEY with Nannie, Grandpa, Aunt Bridget and Uncle Kevin next month... stay tuned for some great pictures!

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