Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back to Sesame Place

We got to go back to Sesame Place this weekend with Aunt Bridget! I was SO excited this time, because it was SO hot, and we got to spend the day on all the water rides! It was my first time playing in the pools there, and I LOVED every minute of it!


I LOVED the sprinklers that constantly sprayed water on us!

Abby, Aunt Bridget and Daddy went down a huge water slide in a big tube... they looked scared, but they had a blast!

I waded around in the pool while daddy & Abby stood under the big bucket that dumped water on them! It looked too crazy under there for me... maybe next year!

Then, we finally got dry and got to go on my favorite ride... the carousel!

Of course, my daredevil sister had to get a couple of runs in on the rollercoaster too! Aunt Bridget got to go with her, and said it was really cool... but we can't wait until Uncle Kevin feels brave enough to come and do it too!

We can't wait to go back again really soon!

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