Sunday, April 4, 2010

My 1st birthday party!

Today was my very first birthday party! Mommy & daddy can't believe I'm going to be one in just a few short days! I had such a great time at my Nannie & Grandpa's house for my party, and we even got to celebrate Easter on the same day! I even made it extra special and took my first few little steps at my party! I'm going to be walking in no time!


Mommy bought a special pinata for my party, and filled it with Easter candy... I got to hit it first since I was the birthday girl, but I needed a little help from daddy!

Mommy made me a REALLY special cake... a HUGE cupcake, just for me to smash! It was so yummy, and my first taste of cake EVER!

I got a little frosting on myself... sorry mom!

I got to end the night by opening my present from my sister. She bought me my very own baby doll since I keep trying to steal hers... it is my FAVORITE gift! Thanks Abby!

Thanks everyone for making my birthday party so special!

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