Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm ONE!

I can't believe I'm already one year old! I've had a great time celebrating, and I even had a little party this morning with some of our friends from the moms club! I may not have liked my cupcake, but I had a blast with all the kids! Thanks for helping me celebrate!


Now that I'm one, I am doing SO many cool things!

* I am a REALLY fast crawler, and walk all over the place holding on to furniture. I even like letting go now, and seeing how long I can balance, although it doesn't usually last more than 5 seconds. I've even taken a few "falling" baby steps! I'll be running around here in no time!

* I am venturing into trying some new foods, although I still like my baby food best! I like pickles, crackers, string cheese, puffs, Cheerios, goldfish, waffles & the noodles from Abby's princess soup! I'm still figuring out the sippy cup though... if anyone has any suggestions, mommy would love to hear them!

* I LOVE playing with my sister & all of her toys. I don't love all the "baby" toys nearly as much as her dollhouse, & I especially love doing my own hair at her vanity table! I even like Cody's toys more than those baby ones! My favorite toys still have to be mommy & daddy's tv remote, telephone & car keys though!

* I am babbling & screaching up a storm these days. I say mama & dada (although they don't think it means anything yet), I say hi and wave to everyone, and love saying hi on the phone! Mommy's favorite word I say is "ugggg", when I give her a huge squeeze!

* I get SO excited when daddy gets home from work, and I just keep screaming until he comes over to give me a hug and kiss... he's learned quickly that he needs to say hi to me FIRST now! I also love jumping and spinning in my johnny jumper, and FLYING around in my walker!

* I love to go to sleep, as long as I have my little lamb to hug & smoosh all over my face! There's nothing like a good nap... and mommy and daddy agree!

So much has been happening this year, and I can't WAIT to see what the next one brings! Stay tuned for LOTS more to come!

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