Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Binky Fairy

Today was a REALLY big day in our house! The Binky Fairy came to my house while I was sleeping and took my last binky to give to all the other little babies that need them now! I've been talking about this for weeks with mommy and decided that tonight was the night! I was so brave packing up my binky for the fairy (daddy almost cried though), but it was kind of hard falling asleep without it. I was sad, cried a little, tried talking like a baby to prove I wasn't REALLY a big girl, & decided that I didn't want to be nice to the babies anymore if that meant giving up my binky, but mommy held strong!

Once I finally fell asleep, I made it through the night, and woke up to find that the Binky Fairy had come to leave me a special note and a present... plus LOTS of pixie dust all over the house! I love dressing up pretending to be a fairy, and mommy & daddy are SO proud of me & the big girl that I am becoming!


Here's the movie that mommy made about my Binky Farewell adventure... Enjoy, and pray for me in the next couple of days... I'm going to need it!

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