Thursday, December 11, 2008

I can sing my ABC's & say my 123's!!!

I have a video to show you all so you can see how smart I'm getting these days! (You'll have to excuse the morning hair & the closeness to the camera, but I like to watch myself on camera, and mommy has to take what she can get these days... Mommy also says to please excuse her singing voice... it was early this morning, and she hadn't had her coffee yet!) She and daddy are so proud of me for learning how to count and say my ABC's before I even turn 2!!!!! (Well, I'm CLOSE to knowing them all!)

This could be why I'm learning so much...

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jay_say said...

WOW... I'm very impressed at how much Abby's knows already... that is too funny about what her Daddy is trying to teach her... and I love how she just walked away... lol