Thursday, December 4, 2008

Emmy's 20 week ultrasound

I went to mommy's doctor last night and got to see my baby sister, "Emmy", on TV again! She was wiggling all over the place, and I think she even waved to me! Mommy helped me put together some pictures and a video to share, but she wanted to warn everyone that part of it is in 3D, and looks kind of creepy. Emmy weighs almost a pound already, but still looks kind of "skeletal", and the ultrasound angles make it look like she's missing parts of her head... but I PROMISE they are all there! I saw them myself! I think she's kinda cute... ENJOY!

Here's a little video of the ultrasound, and of me "listening" to Emmy's heart with my new doctor's kit!:

Here's my mommy at 5 months... she says she feels huge already!

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