Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Minnesota Trip

After coming back from my trip to Maine, we all got on a plane and flew to Minnesota for my mommy's cousin's wedding. I didn't exactly love the plane this time... I just wanted to run around, my ears hurt, and I desprately needed a nap, but there were no cribs on the airplane for me, so I just fought it instead...

Until we got the rental car, then I passed out!:

I had so much fun at my first wedding! It started with me chasing some boys around, and getting knocked down... which ended in a bloody nose & lip, but I got right back up to play. I thought that was fun until they started dancing at the reception! I had so much fun, that everyone wanted to dance with me! I danced for HOURS!!!!

The next day we got to go to the Mall of America, and then spend some time with Aunt Susan, Uncle David, my mommy's cousin Erik, and his fiancee, Joanna. We had a great time, and are so glad they were able to hang out with us!

Finally, our trip was over, but not without a little playtime before getting back on the plane! Goodbye Minnesota!!!

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