Monday, June 9, 2008

My first camping trip

I had a blast on my first camping trip this weekend! I loved going out on the kayak, and I even got to wear my cool life jacket. My favorite part of our boat trip was going for a dip in the lake. It was 85 degrees outside, and the water was SO cool! Cody loved swimming in her life jacket too!

Mommy & daddy's friends went camping with us too, and they have the coolest toy... a six-month old baby, Nate! We became great friends! I tried to teach him how to play ball, but he didn't get it yet. Maybe in a few months...

We went on a really neat hike to see a beautiful waterfall. It was quite a hike, and riding in that backpack is a lot of work... especially on a 90 degree day! Whew, was I tired... but I loved every minute of it!

Can you see my daddy and I on the top of the ledge???? I could see mommy down on the bottom, and she looked so tiny when I was up there. I even think I saw her covering her eyes!

Our tent was so cool. It was almost as big as my room back home! I loved running around the air mattress... so much so that I couldn't fall sleep until midnight. They tried to put me in my pack-n-play, but I was NOT having that, so I got to sleep with mommy instead (although I think I was the only one that ever got any sleep)!

Our campground was beautiful, and I can't wait to go back! Thanks mom & dad!

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jay_say said...

Cool pics... I just love the interaction with our kids and babies... they just love that someone is smaller than they are. So glad Abby had a good time.

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