Sunday, February 10, 2008

My birthday party

I had a very special birthday party at my Nannie & Grandpa's house. I saw LOTS of friends & family, and we had a book party! Everyone brought me their favorite book to add to my collection... thank you everyone!

Grandpa went a little overboard blowing up balloons, but I LOVED them....

We loaded up my new princess castle bookcase that Aunt Bridget bought me... it is SO cool!

I got so many wonderful books, and mommy had so much fun trying to read them all to me. But, I'm only one, and I had more important things to do, like play hide-n-seek, run around the living room, and steal chips off the coffee table!

I did sneak away and enjoy a little quiet time reading to myself though!

Please mom... no more pictures!

What a special day! Thank you everyone for coming, and for all my wonderful books!

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