Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was a very special day! Not only was it GROUNDHOG DAY, but it was MY BIRTHDAY!!! Mommy and Daddy can't believe I'm ONE already! I've done SO much growing this year, and now I'm walking (and falling) all over the place! For my special day, mommy & daddy took me to Fudrucker's to eat pickles and ride on the carousel... I couldn't think of anything more perfect, until daddy showed up with a balloon!

They bought me a cool new wooden toy with all kinds of puzzles & things to do on it... this could keep me busy for hours!

My cousins sent me my very own Abby Cadabby book to read!

And the moment everyone was waiting for... THEY LET ME EAT CAKE!!!!! Mommy & daddy thought I didn't like to eat solid food yet, but I was just holding out for the good stuff! It was so yummy... especially when mommy topped it with my favorite decoration... CHEERIOS!!!!

And here's one last one of daddy trying to clean me up with a spatula!!!

Thanks everyone for watching me grow up so big! Just wait to see what I have in store for next year!


Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday!!!! Looks like the perfect day... Can't wait to celebrate with you next weekend.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Abby! Looks like you loved your first taste of REAL food - CAKE! We all love you and love to watch how you have grown so much in just one year.
Let us know when you try chocolate for the first time.........
Love, Megan Alayna and Julia

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Abby! I am so sorry I missed it on the day, but you are getting SOOOOOO big I can't believe it! Cake is the best isn't it? Hope you will make it to Chicago some time soon. You can come and visit your absent-minded second cousin (right?) on the south side!
Love, Denise

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