Saturday, October 21, 2023

Hanging with neighbors... again!

We're still loving our time hanging out with neighbors, and it's even more fun when it gets less hot outside & we can actually enjoy the weather!

We've enjoyed several high school football games together, and the little ones even tried some cheerleading!

We've made a lot of meals together, and even tried our hands at horrible funnel cakes...
 We won't be trying that one again...

We've done this together before, but we had more kids who wanted holes in their heads, so we headed off to get some more piercings!

These puppies are a big part of the neighborhood too! Everyone loves them!

Subbing for the kids in the neighborhood is always fun!

More home improvement projects going on with Brian's help...

We found a new local hangout place... the bar at the grocery store, where we can enjoy a drink, some games & watch the guys shop & try to plan dinner!

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