Sunday, April 30, 2023

April Showers Bring... More Covid...

Life is always busy around the Beach house these days, but Emily slowed it down for me for a week when she same down with Covid. Luckily, she didn't get very sick & Brian was gone for the week, so we were given a nice quiet week to clear the calendar & chill. 

She spent a lot of time alone in her room this week, so we would Facetime with her from our rooms to give her someone to talk to before bed :)


Meanwhile in Seattle, our star was having a blast getting his hair & make-up done for a live video broadcast demo of one of his latest Amazon projects he's in charge of... It was fun to see him on the big screen!

Lots of down time during Emily's Covid quarantine cleared my schedule, so the dogs were lucky (or not-so-lucky depending on who you ask) to get baths and haircuts!

When Brian came back and the Covid cleared, we were back to our shenanigans with friends in the driveway... We're ready for summer so we can hang out all the time!

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