Saturday, July 2, 2022

A day at the Beach...

We had an awesome day spent at the beach together, trying our hand at surfing, playing in the sand, sun-bathing, and even catching seagulls!

Emily saw a Tik-Tok trend about trying to catch a seagull, and she did great trying to recreate it!

Check out one of her videos here:

Emily has some great ice skating form and some serious namaste going on!


She even looks like she's a pro at surfing!

Abby loves trying the surfboard that Grandpa bought...


There were A LOT of sand playing going on, and Grandpa even got in on the fun!

There's nothing like cousins hanging out in the waves!

What an awesome day filled with fun and sun!!!!

Although some of us should have re-applied their sunscreen... I'm not naming names...

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