Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Emily's Band Concert

Emily has been waiting for this spring concert for what seems like forever, and she has been working so hard practicing! (We even bought her an electric drum set which she is ROCKING)! She was so nervous and excited for her big part on the drumset in the song from "Game of Thrones", and she was so amazing, that Abby & I had tears of pride in our eyes! Way to go Emily!

She also played guitar in the jazz band concert, and they all wore sunglasses and "jazzed" out to the Blue's Brother's song, "Think".

She did all kinds of other percussion instruments for the different songs, and when she had the big cymbals, her hair kept flying up everywhere!

You can check out her awesome drumming in this video clip of their song, "Game of Thrones"! It's just the end of the song, and she starts playing right away, so watch closely!

This is one happy percussionist, and we are so proud of her! Keep up the awesome work, Emily, and we can't wait to hear what you'll play next!

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