Friday, March 25, 2022

Abby's driving!

Remember when life was simpler and our babies were actually babies... Where has the time gone???

Abigail has been so excited to start drivers ed, and she's done great! Due to Covid, classes were online for a month, so she spent 4 weekends straight in her room, learning all the rules of the road in her pajamas!

Her next step was to drive for 6 hours behind the wheel with her instructor, and day 1, she was pretty nervous...

She drove on REAL roads for 28 miles on her first trip!

While she was stopped for a driving break, she had to call her bestie to share her excitement, and get a little encouragement... I love how close these girls are!

Emily was ready and waiting with excitement to take some pictures of our new driver when she got back from her first drive!

Her next two trips took her on the highway for about 60 miles, and then on a tour of all the surrounding towns for another 50 miles. I'm shocked how far she drove in three short lessons, and I'm glad I have GPS on her so I can see where she was and how fast she was going!

After her last lesson, she was so proud of herself, and was ready to go to the DMV to get her permit!

The very next day, we picked up her paperwork from her school, and she checked out early to go get her permit! Shockingly, we were in and out of the DMV in under an hour!

She was nervous while waiting to take her test, so we spent our waiting time studying more questions together...

Of course, she didn't get a single question wrong!

I was being the "cool mom", and staying back while she went through the whole process on her own, so I only got a lot of pictures of the back of her!


She got it!

As soon as we got home, she popped her driving magnet on the car, and she and Brian were off to practice! I can't believe we have another driver in the house now!

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