Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Happy 11th Birthday Emily!

Happy birthday Emily! A little quarantine didn't stop us from celebrating as big as we could for her, and we had a whole lot of fun!

The neighbors got some donuts to start her day socially distancing in the driveway together!

Emily's request this year was to have a Christmas tree brought up to put her presents underneath... so her wish was our command!

She even made her own coronavirus ornaments!

Thank you for all the love from family for her special day!

We even had some neighbors drop off contact-free cards on the porch and run!

Emily planned her own "party" to go to the woods behind our house and go "socially-distanced" tubing in the river with our few friends...


We even had a few cupcakes in the woods to celebrate with friends...

Abby & I wanted to make a "special" cake for Emily, and she wanted to decorate her own, so it was a bakery at our house for the day!

Our cake didn't turn out quite as we hoped, but Emily loved her coveted quarantine item cake: a roll of toilet paper!

Emily's cake turned out awesome and was delicious!

A few fun family facetime calls to celebrate was so much fun!

Cover up those germs, girl!

She seriously couldn't believe we made her a toilet paper cake!

Cake number two, and Nannie and Grandpa joined in on the singing this time!

Happy birthday to our sweet, silly & spunky Emily! We love you so much!

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