Sunday, February 2, 2020

Happy 13th birthday Abigail

We can't believe it has been 13 years since you have blessed our lives! You are growing into a beautiful young woman, and we are so proud of you! Happy birthday Abigail!

We had a baked potato bar neighbor get-together to celebrate!

Abby's gift request this year was a full sized bed in her room!

She had a sleepover with her best friend, and they spent a few hours at the mall together... trying on prom dresses just for fun!

The big deal about turning 13 in our house is that you FINALLY get to sit in the front seat! Mom is the car seat safety Nazi around here, and explained that children under the age of 13 shouldn't sit in the front because their facial bones haven't finished ossifying (fancy medical term for hardening...) yet. Abby's been looking forward to her "ossification date" for a LONG time now, and was excited (and slightly embarrassed) to celebrate it with a special shirt and a ride around town next to Mom!

And there's the 13-year-old attitude we all know and "have to" love!

Happy Birthday Abigail!

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