Sunday, August 4, 2019

Week at Nannie and Grandpas!

We spent an awesome week at Nannie & Grandpa's as the next part to our epic road trip! We still love the same old things... tire swings, hot tubs, dress up clothes and climbing their living room poles!

Emily's "pink" is still there! Only she's grown a tad...

Someone had a little fun in the wig bin :)

We had a great dinner on the water at Oaklands! Mom loved her lobster dinner... It was just like it is in Maine!

We were excited to see the deer that Grandpa talks about all the time, standing right in front of the house when we returned from shopping!

Mom and Dad went away on a 3-day trip to Montreal, Canada, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, and we got to spend a fun couple of days alone with Nannie & Grandpa! Nannie started the girls off with a bang and took them to both parts of the Harry Potter plays in NYC! We took the train in together in the morning, so it was a long day, but SO much fun!

We had time on the train to play BitLife with Nannie & play around with some cool filters...

The train ride home at 1am was pretty exhausting for all of us...

They even took us to the beach for an afternoon of fun!

Abby was clever in celebrating her half birthday while Mom & Dad were gone...

Before heading to Bridget's, we stopped at Dancey-Dancey & Pop-Pop's for lunch a quick dip in their pool! It was so much fun to be able to see even more family!

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