Sunday, January 20, 2019

An afternoon hike in the backyard!

We can’t believe we have lived here almost 3 years already, and Mom has NEVER been hiking in the backyard woods with us! She has a SLIGHT fear of creepy, crawly, slithery things, so she has managed to keep herself away from anything beyond the gate, but we finally dragged her out, and she LOVED it!!!

We found a lot of different tracks, but thankfully nothing that scared Mom away!

Ben found a lot of sand, rocks, leaves, pinecones and shells to collect!

Now Mom knows why she makes us wear our boots back there! There’s a pretty creek that runs through the property, but it does make it a tad muddy!!! Emily even got stuck!

Emily has heard a lot about the “Birdbox” movie, and without seeing it, she nailed the impersonation!

Fallen trees make for the best fun!

Thanks for a fun afternoon in the woods, Mom!

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