Sunday, December 9, 2018

Happy 40th Birthday Karin!

After an amazing early birthday celebration in Europe this summer, I was thankfully healed enough from my surgery to spend my actual birthday having fun in Vegas for a few days with Brian! He did an amazing job making me feel so special! Thank you for all the wonderful memories, and here’s to MANY more!


Dinner at the Bellagio and watching the fountain light show from our table was awesome!



A birthday morning relaxing in a serene spa, thanks to my awesome sister, was wonderful!


A funny show about getting old was a great birthday treat!


My awesome friends even wanted to celebrate with me across the miles, and sent a surprise to our room!





As the sun set on my 40th birthday, the sky was beautiful, and a wonderful reminder of how much this life has to offer up to us, if we take the reins and go out and enjoy it! Thank you to everyone for making this time so special for me!


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