Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy Halloween!

We had a beautiful 70 degree night this year for some trick or treating in the neighborhood! This year, Abby was Sophie Foster (from her favorite books, Keeper of the Lost Cities), Emily was “It’s Funneh” (her favorite Youtuber), and Ben was a skeleton… again…! We hope everyone had as much fun on Halloween as we did!


IMG_7231  IMG_7233  IMG_7238


We had a fun group of trick or treaters to enjoy the night with!


Mom made some Halloween punch again this year for us to enjoy with our friends!


Mom even made it out trick or treating for a bit! She was too slow for us though…


Ben was definitely done early… This was on the corner of OUR block!!!!



And just like that, Halloween was over… well, for Ben and Mom… everyone else stayed out late again, and Abby ended up with 17 pounds of candy on her own!


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