Friday, October 12, 2018

Hurricane Florence

The “monstrous” Hurricane “Flo” wreaked havoc on our lives and our schedules by postponing mom’s surgery, canceling school for 2 days, and leaving us without power for several hours. However, we luckily didn’t get ANY damage (despite many other areas of the state), and we had a memorable 4-day long adventure playing games and hanging out with neighbors. We hope everyone with flooding and damage is recovering, and that we can stay dry for a bit now! (September 13)

IMG_6653 (2)

There was a lot of uncertainty about when, where and how this storm was going to hit… This meme summed up the projected path pretty well…

IMG_6634 (2)

This was Mom’s favorite meme from the storm, while we were waiting for it to make landfall…

IMG_6613 (2)


We had so many snacks… and despite what everyone else was buying at the store, we did not have any bread and milk sandwiches…


The new neighbor activity to come out of this storm… a never-ending game of Mexican Domino Trains!




Poker didn’t go as well as dominoes, but after 7 hours straight, we needed to try something different!



We even threw some Trivia Pursuit in there to shake things up!

IMG_6726 IMG_6727

After the storm passed, it took a while for the flooding in the area to go down, and this was pretty much how our state faired…

IMG_6659 (2)

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