Thursday, February 8, 2018

It’s cooking competition time!

Mom & Dad were so excited to go to our neighbor’s, Chef Dean’s, cooking competition! The first night, they went with their friends, Kari & Curry, and got to dine on an amazing meal with the secret ingredients of Chayote Squash, Duck & Blood Orange! Mr. Dean crushed the competition, and got to move onto the next 2 rounds! Mom & Dad got tickets to the final competition to see him win too, but unfortunately, Ben got the flu that day, so Dad got to go and celebrate with Abby instead. We texted Mom the whole night though so she could see what was happening! They had an amazing meal with Parsnips, Flounder & Passion Fruit. Can you believe that Mr. Dean won the whole thing?!?!?!?! Check out what he won!






Night one:
Appetizer: Chayote Squash & Sweet Potato Soup (Black Bean Cake, Corn & Chayote Relish, Blood Orange Vinaigrette, Cilantro Pistou)
Entree: Duck Two Ways (Coriander and Orange Duck Breast, Confit Duck Leg, Blood Orange-Soy Drizzle, Braised Collard Greens, Ginger Carrot Grits, Chayote Salad, Toasted Sesame)
Dessert: Chayote Squash Cake (Dark Chocolate Mousse, Blood Orange- Strawberry Sorbet, Almond & Caramelized White Chocolate Crumble, Brandied Butterscotch)

IMG_E2315 IMG_E2323IMG_2345

Final night:
Appetizer: Parsnip Ravioli (Smoked Pomodoro, Roasted Mushroom, Sweetened Parsnip Chip, Goat Cheese & Passion Fruit Pistou)
Entree: Southern Fried Flounder (“Dirty Chorizo Risotto, Passion Fruit & Parsnip Slaw, Passion Fruit Aioli, Pickled Mustard Seed)
Dessert: Parsnip Snickers Torte (Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mousse, Chopped Nuts & Parsnip Ice Cream)

27336555_2015918015347211_5671605332643632880_n 27655258_2015918358680510_5398833274778555851_n 27072319_2015918352013844_3459827212891622930_n




IMG_2471 (2)

Congratulations Mr. Dean!

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