Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Off to Kindergarten!

It was finally my turn to head off to school! Down in the south, they do something called a “staggered entry” for Kindergarten which is when we go for a half day the first week of school with a couple other students and the teachers hang out with us and decide what class we should be in. Then we go back the next day with our Mom and Dad to see our classroom, find new friends and meet our teacher. I’m not really sure if they really do it for us, for the teachers, or for all the Moms who aren’t ready to let their babies go… Whatever the reason, I had a blast! A few days before the first week of school, we went to our friend’s farm and I got my back to school pictures taken too!

IMG_7542a (2 of 3)

IMG_7542a (1 of 3)

IMG_7542a (3 of 3)

On my staggered entry day, I walked in super confident, and only hesitated at the end of the hall when I had to go one way, and Mom went another…


IMG_9578 IMG_9577

On the next day when we got to meet my teacher, I was SO excited to bring all my supplies in my new Batman backpack!



IMG_9590 IMG_9591



I found out that I was assigned to my FAVORITE classroom… the one with the awesome dinosaurs that I had seen before! I knew then that it was going to be a great year!


IMG_9605 IMG_9607







I met my teachers, played Legos & Dinosaurs, explored my classroom, found my desk, and even met a new friend! School is awesome! Next up… the real event!


After Labor Day weekend, I had my very first day-long day of Kindergarten and got to take the bus with my sisters! I was SUPER excited!


I got right in line with everyone else, and I’m so glad I had Emily with me! She helped me out when I had my “moment” of panic, and she did a great job! Once I got on the bus, I did great!




In fact, I did WAY WAY WAY better than Mommy did! She was a basket case after I left, but she had some pretty awesome friends to help her out! One of them even brought her the best back to school present ever- A box of tissues and a bottle of wine! 


She went to see her friend Miss Sara & cuddled with Mollie, and even got to go out for a ladies lunch with them at the tea house in their town! She was feeling better when she got home, but couldn’t WAIT for me to get off the bus!


My smile at the end of the day couldn’t have been any bigger, and Mom & Dad were so proud of me! In fact, I told Mommy that I had so much fun that I even forgot to miss her! I’m not sure if she was happy with that or not…


Now onto homework and an awesome year filled with learning so many new things!


IMG_9699 (13)


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