Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New friends, playtime & dress- up!

We’ve been welcomed by so many awesome neighbors, and our pantry is full of goodies from them! People stop by all the time, and we all just hang out outside together! It is an awesome community, and we can’t wait to grow up here!


Ben has had several playdates while the girls have been at school… He loves all his new friends here!


We have popsicles and share them with our friends about 4 times a day here… Mommy said that has to stop, but we like to share!


We do EVERYTHING outside now!


Despite all the rain, we’ve had a bunch of nice days as well, and we LOVE having water balloon fights with Daddy!


While the girls are in school all day, Ben and Mommy unpack together, have playdates with friends, go shopping, and enjoy doing Ben’s “homework” together on the screened in porch!


Mommy finally unpacked the dress up box, and even though we haven’t dressed up in FOREVER, we’ve been enjoying it a bunch again!

IMG_1159 IMG_1182

With all the rain, we DO stay in sometimes & enjoy our family time… Game night is our favorite!


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