Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy 9th birthday Abigail!

I can’t believe I am FINALLY 9 years old! Mom said it feels like yesterday that she went to the hospital to get me out from my “butt-first” position. That’s why I say I talk about butts so much…


I woke up early to open gifts, and Mom did too! I think that was the best present of all! Thank you to everyone who sent cards & gifts & called!




Mor-Mor got me a bunch of awesome accessories!

IMG_6999 IMG_7000

Emily got me an awesome perfume making kit! She knows I love science stuff!


IMG_7005 IMG_7006

Ben also got me a pretty cool gift… It’s called “chalk trail”, and I hook it up to my bike, so I can make a trail behind me everywhere I ride!


Daddy even got up at 4am where he was to sing happy birthday over Facetime!


He also got me some beautiful flowers! Thanks Dad!


Mom took me out for sushi since Daddy wasn’t home! She said that was my REAL present!


This is about all Emily eats at the sushi restaurant…



We ended my special day with treats and some reading at the bookstore. Thanks for a special day everyone!

IMG_9288 IMG_9289

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