Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope you all had an awesome Mother’s Day! I loved spending the day with my kids and getting a take a stroll on the beach together Smile


Photo May 10, 11 20 38 AM

Photo May 10, 11 20 43 AM

Photo May 10, 11 20 47 AM Photo May 10, 11 21 03 AM

I was showered with handmade gifts and cards this year! Abigail made me an awesome gift box with a candle holder, rainbow loom necklace & bracelet and even a homemade sachet!



Abby made me an awesome calendar to keep track of all of my events! She said it would have been the perfect gift if she hadn’t started all the months on a Sunday! It’s the thought that counts Smile



Emily loves me because I give her good birthday parties!


IMG_7142 IMG_7144

Ben made me a special Mother’s Day card in school too!


My special day was topped off with some pampering set up by Abigail and a beautiful pedicure by Emily!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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