Thursday, March 26, 2015

Time to fix my teeth

We found out in January that I somehow have gotten several cavities, and after a few consultations, everyone decided that it would be best to fix my issues all in one day at the hospital, under general anesthesia. It turns out that it was a good decision, because I ended up having EIGHT cavities, needed 3 baby root canals, and got two silver caps! I hope (and so do Mommy & Daddy), that this will be the end of my tooth troubles, and I can’t wait to see what the tooth fairy will bring me in a few years when I lose these silver teeth! Thank you for all the prayers!

I got to bring my favorite dog, Fuzzy, in the OR with me, and he even got his own ID bracelet to wear around his neck so he didn’t get lost!


I wasn’t thrilled about all the activity, and was nervous, but Mommy & Daddy said I did great!


Mommy even got to come into the OR with me until I fell asleep!


Mommy & Daddy had to wait in the waiting room for TWO HOURS and watch my number on the board to see when I was done. They said it felt like FOREVER…

IMG_6233 IMG_6228

I DID NOT wake up from my anesthesia very well, and was doing a lot of flailing and crying, but sitting with Mommy and watching Frozen helped a bit…



I couldn’t WAIT to get dressed and go home!



Off to recover at home! Thank you everyone for the well wishes and prayers! Maybe someday when I don’t feel embarrassed anymore, I’ll show you my new shiny teeth… For now, I ‘m keeping my mouth closed!


When Abby got home from school, she and a girl from her class made me a get well card!


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