Thursday, April 24, 2014

Take your daughter to work day

I was SO excited to go to work with Daddy today for the “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” Day at his job! It’s all I’ve talked about for days, and I was dressed and ready for my day before 6am this morning!




Daddy and I got there early, so he took me for a tour of the server room to see all the computers and the wires, and explained to me how they all work. I even got one to bring back to school with me tomorrow so I can teach my class all about it!






I helped Daddy a bit with some work at his desk before heading to breakfast with all the other kids!


After breakfast, Daddy went back to work, while all 100 kids stayed and listened to a funny program & had a “marshmallow challenge”, where we had to build the tallest tower with our teams. Our tower was the biggest, but it collapsed before they got to measure it. Sad smile 


Next, we got a tour of the building, followed by an awesome scavenger hunt!



After a few more activities, I got to go out to lunch with Daddy & work at his desk for the afternoon. I brought lots of homework with me, and I even got to go to one of Daddy’s meetings where he got to give a speech! I was so busy, that I didn’t have time to write much in my journal, but this just about sums up my day:


Thank you Daddy for an awesome day!

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