Thursday, March 14, 2013

We’re busy learning here!

Every since we got our big dry erase board, and the basement has been transformed into a school house, we have been so busy learning down there! Will you come play school with us?????

-Abby & Emily

Mommy and Daddy have been working with Abby on telling time, and she’s getting pretty good at it now!




We’re working on shapes and colors with Emily, and Abby’s working on her “phonetic” spelling!


Abby LOVES doing math word problems! She could do these all day!



Daddy was even doing some advanced problems with her, and she didn’t have any trouble with them!


Abby loves transcribing things from books so she can be the teacher sometimes too!


Emily wrote her name all by herself for the very first time on the board… when no one was watching!


Daddy’s been doing quite a bit of learning around here too… in fact he just received his Master’s degree diploma in the mail last week! Congratulations Daddy!


Emily has also been VERY busy at preschool this year… Her teachers, Mrs. Driesse & Mrs. Justness are very proud of her too!

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