Saturday, December 3, 2011

My first ballet class!

I was SO excited to be invited to Abby’s friend’s ballet birthday party at the studio where Abby takes dance lessons! I go with Abby every week to her lesson, but this is the first time I got to go in and dance too! Thanks so much Allison for a GREAT time!


IMG_1058 (2)

I tried really hard to follow the teachers directions…

IMG_1068  IMG_1071

IMG_1072  IMG_1073

… but I found it MUCH more fun to dance by myself in front of the mirror!


IMG_1096  IMG_1092

Abby is getting really good at her summer saults…

IMG_1085  IMG_1088

… and I’m not so bad at them myself! (I got a lot of practice too, since I kept cutting the line…)

IMG_1103  IMG_1105


I found it to be so much more fun to play around than listen to the directions… Mommy says I’m a handful!




I am really good at the beam (but I already know how to do that from my gym class)…


… and I was great at jumping off the mats!

IMG_1125  IMG_1123

Abby was really impressive at the limbo (I think it helped that the bar was over her head)…

IMG_1143  IMG_1145

… and I just didn’t see the point… Why do people say this is so hard????


Hula hoops are the best!

IMG_1159  IMG_1161

My sister is GREAT at them, but can’t seem to keep her tongue in her mouth while she does it!

IMG_1169  IMG_1173

I LOVED playing the parachute game!

IMG_1182  IMG_1184


I LOVE ballet! I can’t wait until I’m old enough to take my own lessons!


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