Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Halloween treasure hunt

Since tick-or-treating was cancelled in our town because of our winter storm, mommy felt so bad for us, that she made up a fun treasure hunt for us to do instead. She hid candy all around our house, took pictures of each one, cut them each into puzzles, and we had to put each one together to tell us where to find the candy! We had so much fun… it was almost better than trick-or-treating!

-Abby & Emily



Daddy had to help us with some of the harder puzzles…


We found them in Ben’s crib…

5 4

Out in mommy’s van…

7 8

Hidden on the dining room table in the flowers…

9 10

In the pockets of our rain coats…

11 12

Some of the puzzles were pretty tough… especially the piano one!


13 15

We found them in the dryer…

16 17

In our toy kitchen…

18 19

… and even out in our snowy playhouse!

20 21

We found them in our sippy cup cabinet…


In the shower…


By our tv, and even outside by Emily’s “Relli” pumpkin!

IMG_0513 IMG_0295

We had a blast! Thanks mom, and Happy Halloween everyone!

22 23

Here’s a video of our treasure hunt!

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